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Realise Your Dream

Portfolio of Bryony's Sign-Singing

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This journal has been created as an online portfolio of the achievements I have made in my performances of signing songs in Auslan (Australian Sign Language). This portfolio is part of my application for the 'Realise Your Dream' competition, run by the British Council. The competition is run with the aim of improving cultural relationships between Australia and the UK in the creative industries. If I were to win one of the awards, the prize involves me travelling to the UK for a work experience program, designed in collaboration between myself and British council, working with key stakeholders in my chosen industry.

I have been involved in music my entire life. Music is in my blood and it is my number one passion. I have been involved with the Deaf community for eight years now, having qualified as an Auslan Interpreter in 2003. I quickly realised that my love for music and passion for sign language have a way to come together - through translating, interpreting, signing and performing songs.

At first it was a private love, me signing songs whilst singing in the shower, or interpreting songs whilst on the dancefloor at a night club. However I soon realised that Deaf people do have a real interest in seeing songs performed in their native language, and this has been evidenced by the reaction of the Deaf community at various events such as Sign Idol in Perth. Since then I have had many Deaf people give excellent feedback on my sign-singing skills and have expressed excitement about finally being able to have access to the art of music.

So, what is my dream?

I would like to travel to the UK through the 'Realise Your Dream' competition to study the presence of sign language interpreters present on UK music television programs. I would ultimately love my work experience program to involve learning and understanding how to set this program up, and then adopting a similar program for Australian television.

Contained within is a number of performances from different events held in Perth, Western Australia. Contrary to popular belief, many Deaf people do enjoy music and particularly enjoy seeing it interpreted into their native language.

Ultimately I would love to see Auslan interpreters on the music television programs in Australia (Video Hits, RAGE, etc), I feel that the UK is the perfect place for me to gain experience and knowledge in this area. This is because the UK Deaf community already have a strong involvement in the world of sign-singing, with regular events such as UK Sign Idol taking place. Along with this, many music television programs in the UK already have sign language interpreters present. I feel that if adapted and established properly, this project could be of huge success in Australia, and give enormous benefit to the Australian Deaf community.